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Friday 5.3.2021

Todays letter sound is b b b b  b 

It is a bouncy sound

b b b b boot, b b b b ball, b b b b bike, b b b b bag

When you write the letter b go down the laces to the heel, round the toe




See if you can find things from around the house that are the colours of the rainbow and complete the little poem



Can you choose the correct coloured pen to complete the rainbow....

or will you make a collage rainbow?



See if you can try an experiment using coloured sweets.

Can you name the colours of the sweets?

What happens to the colours during the experiment?



Well done and thank you all for your hard work, patience and support over the last few weeks or so.

The Nursery Team can't wait to see you all next week.

Keep safe and well until then. Xx