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Academic Year 2016/2017

Academic Year 2016/17

We have received in total £9,635 in PE and Sport Grant this academic year. It has been paid in two payments; the first £5,620 we received at the end of November 2016, and the final payment of £4,015 was received at the end of May 2017.


Breakdown of planned spending of the funding


Proposed Cost

Actual Cost

Refresh and replenish sports and PE equipment



Employ a yoga specialist teacher to train the whole staff to deliver a programme of yoga



Yoga equipment



Refresh and replenish sports equipment to be used at lunchtime/break time



To install an outside Pick Up Stick climbing frame in EYFS



To allow PE lead teacher to attend sports and PE meetings at authority level



To purchase a mobile music playing system




Effect of sport participation

  • Children will be engaged in high quality sport and PE provision in PE lessons.
  • Children will be engaged in high quality sport during break times.
  • Children will be engaged in high quality sport and at lunch times.
  • Teachers will be confident in delivering specific PE curriculum areas.
  • All equipment used by staff to demonstrate PE will be of a high quality
  • All equipment used by the children during PE lessons will be of a high quality.
  • Afterschool PE clubs will have high quality resources to use
  • Due to high levels of participation, attainment will increase
  • Due to teachers creating lessons from the support given, attainment will increase in terms of better PE lessons being taught.



  • Yoga training is a whole school initiative which trains and supports teachers in the delivery of yoga. Lesson plans and schemes of work are supplied and teachers are supported in this.
  • The outdoor gymnasium is supplied with staff training, maintenance plan and lesson plans.
  • As staff are trained in certain areas, sustainability is assured.
  • Lead teacher for PE will monitor impact and development of staff skill.