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Week 5

Hedgehog Class - Ajay Summers

Ajay has received the special recognition award this week for his ongoing efforts with his home learning. He has particularly been a real maths whizz completing lots of activities over the past few weeks. Keep up the great work Ajay! smiley

Hedgehog Class - George Tudor

George has received the special recognition award this week for his Maths work. He has regularly been completing activities to compare measurements, complete times tables, solve fraction problems and practice spellings. Keep up the brilliant effort George. laugh


Rabbit Class- Albie Larwood


This week, Albie has received the special recognition award for his hard work and determination on Oxford Reading Buddy and TT Rockstar Maths. Albie has been active on both learning sites in which he has developed his reading and his multiplication skills. He has also engaged with lots of other curriculum activities on See Saw. Albie has wrote his own wishes to add to his wish jar for when lockdown is over and wrote his own super sentences for the Jack and the Beanstalk story using question marks and exclamation marks. Yesterday, Albie took part in 'outdoor learning day' in which he created a fantastic obstacle course in his garden. Well Done Albie, you are a star!smiley

Rabbit Class- JezrielPlokhotnikov


This week, Jezriel has received the special recognition award for his continuous effort. Jezriel has taken part in activities every day and begins every morning by taking part in Joe Wicks PE before carrying out his English and Maths. Jezriel has tried really hard with practising his spellings and handwriting and carries this activity out every day. This week, Jezriel has learnt about suffixes and has carried out every activity by changing words to add the correct suffix. Jezriel has also learnt measuring this week and has recorded voice messages explaining how he knows the answer to show his confident understanding. Well Done Jezriel, Keep it up! smiley

Well Done to the following children for taking part in TT Rockstar Maths this week: